Chapter 1

About is a place for tutorials I have created on the topic of that spooky thing the Unreal Engine community has deemed Shader Witchcraft, "Black Magic", or that seemingly incredibly difficult mathematics topic to render graphics that everyone wants to learn, but no one wants to touch - I hope to make this easier for you.

The secondary long-term goal of this is to also document the even harder to understand render pipeline of Unreal Engine, and to give a cursory overview of where Unreal sets up things like Shading Models, Render calls, and those hundreds of .ush/.usf files across the engine.

This secondary goal is on-going, and is a place to document what I have learned when getting into Graphics Programming with Unreal Engine. I may get some things wrong while I'm still learning (feel free to correct me on Discord). I will do my best to mark these pages are "work in progress" with additional notes.

Each page will also feature additional resources, where I will list any other resource I have found in the community when researching a topic.

if you would like to contribute, please reach out: or join the Codekitten Discord Server.

Alessa ❤️