Shader Witch [ shay-der wich ]


1. A mysterious being that practices the dark arts of manipulating pixels, creating shaders and manifesting chaos in a given renderer.

Shaderwit.ch is a website by Alessa "Codekitten" Baker on the topic of that spooky thing the Unreal Engine community has deemed Shader Witchcraft, "Black Magic", or that seemingly incredibly difficult mathematics topic to render graphics that everyone wants to learn, but no one wants to touch - I hope to make this easier for you.

Latest Articles

Getting Started

This article acts as a getting started on modifying the render pipeline in Unreal, tips on debugging, compiling shaders and some helpful commands.

Creating a Shading Model

This article covers the basics of one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of extending Unreal's Render Pipeline - creating Shading Models.

Stylized Linear Gradients

This tutorial is to teach you the basics of creating that stylized linear gradient seen in games like DOTA and League of Legends with a shader